As we begin to reopen our schools, powerful blended and remote learning is essential to connecting with our students and mastering state standards. This course is for teachers and those who support them to understand how to create powerful learning experiences in a blended or remote environment.

Our New Online Course is Fully Accredited

Constructive Learning Design’s new online course, “A Blended Approach to Powerful Learning”, offers 10 hours of CEU credit and is aligned to NC Digital Literacy Standards. The course also takes advantage of both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Chapter One: Blended Learning Essentials

What exactly is blended learning, and how can it help me and my students? What does blended learning look like in a “regular” classroom, and what does it look like in virtual settings? What does blended learning have to do with competency-based learning and personalized learning? Participants in this course will explore what blended learning is, and how it is implemented in different settings. Additionally, participants will apply what they learn to their specific learning environment, exploring what blended learning will look like in their classroom, school, and district.

Chapter Two: Blended Learning Mindsets

The way we educate our students is changing at lightning speed and the future is very uncertain. So how do we move forward in a way that is productive and meaningful? The way we approach blended learning matters. Participants in this session will look at research to learn what mindsets are, where they come from, and why they are important to our progress. We will also explore how to change mindsets that do not contribute to our growth. Finally, participants will leave with an understanding of which mindsets are most important for success in a blended learning environment and how to cultivate those mindsets within ourselves and our students.

Chapter Three: Building Community and Culture in a Blended Learning Environment

Whether teaching students in a face-to-face, remote, or hybrid environment, it is crucial to leverage technology in order to promote community and culture in your classroom. Participants in this course will explore technological tools for creating a positive classroom culture and an interactive community. Additionally, participants will explore methods for engaging students, so that they, as teachers, can actively make informed decisions about how to develop a classroom culture that supports powerful learning.

Chapter Four: Planning for Blended and Remote Learning

What do we need to consider when planning for blended and remote learning? How do we make the most of the time we have with students in a remote learning environment? How do we create lessons for remote learning that can be used in a blended classroom? How do we incorporate technology to enhance a lesson? The goal of this course is to support participants as they begin to plan for the new school year. With the right planning, teachers can successfully incorporate blended classroom strategies, whether they are in face-to-face, remote or hybrid environments. Participants will create tools for planning and experience learning opportunities and technology as models for engaging students in remote and blended learning.

More New Courses Coming Soon

Constructive Learning Design has new courses currently under development. These include:

  • Feedback for Blended and Remote Powerful Learning
  • Teaching with Video

We’re listening to you, and working to address your needs as our roles and the state of education fluctuate. Please leave a comment, or get in touch if you have a request for courses that will support you and your work!

How to Enroll

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