The thought of returning to school in the United States as we simultaneously enter another rise in coronavirus cases is daunting for parents, students, and educators.

FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: A new free eBook, Helping Our Kids Go Back to School Well,” is now available from a collective of positive educators and psychologists who call themselves “Resilience Now for Parents.”

“Parents who are working from home need one less thing to worry about while trying to supervise and facilitate their kids’ schooling. That’s where we come in,” said Laura Garrison-Brook, the founder of Discovering My Purpose, and organizer for Resilience Now for Parents. “Whenever, wherever, and however students return to school later this summer or fall—whether it’s physically inside a school building, through distance or remote learning at home, or a combination of both—all parents are asking the same urgent questions: How can I help my child return to school *well.* We came together to help our children focus on learning again and ease their distress; to build all of our resilience.”

The new group, “Resilience Now for Parents” is a collective of professional educators, psychologists, researchers, coaches, and parents who began meeting virtually during the pandemic, and aim to offer tips and guidance for parents to address the emotional safety and well-being of their kids and family. They began posting weekly tips and resources on Resilience Now for Parents.

Back to School WellHelping Our Kids Go Back to School Well is a very useful resource to establish the best language around something that is fraught with fear—returning to school,” said Bev Vernon, a third grade teacher in Hingham, Massachusetts.

“Families will certainly benefit by having this guide,” said Flip Grey, a mother raising tweens. “It’s easier to navigate difficult situations and make decisions when you feel supported. In such an uncertain time, this guide does just that by relating real life stories, challenging us to reimagine in a positive light, and providing simple tips.”

All of the guidance and recommendations in the free eBook are based on evidence-based practices and tools from positive psychology and education research.

“We are not here to tell schools how and when they should open their doors,” said Tamara Lechner, the Director of the Center for Positive Education in Encino, California, and contributor to the project. “Regardless of the mode or method of deliver, content, or venue, our intention is to support parent with practical tools to help allay their family’s fears and anxiety, build resilience, encourage confidence, and create calm—with compassion.

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