CoachWeek 2021 is happening March 22-26, 2021, and will be a week of online events, with keynote speakers, interactive workshops, “coffee” and connections, coaching dilemmas, and plenty of success stories. Instructional coaches, leaders in education, and teachers interested in coaching are invited to learn, grow, and connect with others. The cost is $39, and covers the entire week of events!

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We’re getting closer to the launch date, and if you’re ready to hear a little bit more about the workshops, we’ve put together some short videos from the workshop leaders for you.

Building the Optimal Coach/Principal Relationship

Leading/Facilitating: Katie Bolick

Invite your principal or an AP to join you in this session as you consider the alignment between your own coaching beliefs and the principal’s beliefs concerning coaching responsibilities, goals and expectations. Coaches, and principals if available, will determine next steps in building an optimal working relationship that will lead to sustained teacher improvement and student growth.

Design Challenge

Leading/Facilitating: Lance Bledsoe

Coaching teachers who are implementing Project-Based Learning can be challenging. In this session, you’ll design your own PBL project and engage in coaching conversations with the other participants to improve on your project design. We’ll talk about the most common difficulties teachers have with designing and implementing successful PBL projects, and how you can use your coaching skills to support them.s

Socratic Seminar


Zoom calls and remote learning don’t have to spell the end of discussion in the classroom and in professional development. In this session, we’ll see how to facilitate a remote Socratic Seminar while exploring texts about measuring your impact as a coach.

Creating the Conditions for Coaching Success

Leading/Facilitating: Mia Pumo

For coaching to be successful, we need the most optimal conditions in our buildings. What are those conditions? In this session we will experience three powerful aspects of a thriving environment where coaches, teachers and students can grow, learn, and flourish.

Coffee Connections & Networking

Leading/Facilitating: Lance Bledsoe

This will be an informal “speed dating” style networking session where you’ll get to meet as many of the other CoachWeek participants as time allows. Come ready to give a 15-second “introduce yourself” speech, and leave with a bunch of new coaching contacts. Introverts welcome!

Coaching Success Stories

Leading/Facilitating: Mia Pumo

In this session we will hear from coaches who have success stories to share. We can all learn from each other and take away tidbits that will help us to grow on our coaching journey. Be ready to share your own success stories too as we invite the audience to get involved and share what has worked for you!

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