Constructive Learning Design’s Coach Academy is a powerful yearlong or multi-year learning program that equips coaches, mentors, and teacher leaders with the instructional coaching competencies to improve teaching and learning in their teams, schools, and districts.

Why Instructional Coaching?

The foundational goal of instructional coaching is to improve teacher performance, and thus student learning. Instructional coaching is an ongoing, job-embedded form of professional learning that honors teachers as professionals. Coaches partner with teachers, individually and in teams, to discover student and teacher needs, develop goals and plans, model techniques, and provide feedback. Our approach to coaching incorporates best practices from adult learning, while simultaneously modeling techniques and skills that teachers can use in their classrooms.

What Will Participants Learn In Coach Academy?


The goal of Coach Academy is to prepare participants to coach teachers to improve their knowledge, skills, and understanding of learning-centered design and facilitation. Participants will work with Constructive Learning Design Coaches to practice the core competencies of instructional coaching.

I improved as both a teacher and a coach. The program transformed my thinking and my practice.
Joe Blow

Instructional Facilitator, Durham Public Schools

How Does Coach Academy Work?

Constructive Learning Design works with districts and schools to customize programs that fit the needs of the learning community and the coach.

How Do We Design Programs?
Constructive Learning Design uses the following components to customize a Coach Academy program to the needs of the school or district. 

Collaborative Design

We work with school and district leadership to customize the  program to the needs of the learning community. We check-in throughout the year to improve and modify our program of service.

Professional Learning Sessions

In these sessions, participants work together to construct and connect their learning about coaching and learning-centered design.

Team Coaching

In team coaching sessions, participants work in smaller groups to design and facilitate activities such as lesson tuning, instructional rounds, measuring learning, and looking at student work.


In these sessions, participants work 1-on-1 with a Constructive Learning Design coach to develop their skills and competencises as learning design coaches.

Technology and Resource Support

Participants will have access to digital tools for collaboratoin, feedback, and resource sharing.
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How Do We Coach-the-Coach?
Our coach-the-coach process utilizes the same principles and practices of design thinking and transformational instructional coaching that we use to coach teachers: collaboratively planning and setting goals, co-facilitating, modeling, and providing feedback.

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