Program Overview

Our Coaching Foundations program equips educators with the foundational instructional coaching skills to coach teachers to improve teaching and learning. This program is perfect for coaches who are just getting started. Coaching Foundations is also great for teacher leaders, administrators, and others who would like to learn foundational coaching skills.  

What will participants learn?

Participants will focus on two of the foundational skills of instructional coaching: 


Using coaching conversations to improve teaching and learning

Providing evidence-based feedback to improve teaching and learning

How will participants learn?

Coaching Foundations is made up of four days of professional learning. These professional learning sessions are highly collaborative, and focus on developing participants’ skills through discussion, practice, and reflection. Participants also have access to our online Constructive Coaching Community to continue learning with Constructive Learning Design coaches and peers when they are back at their schools and districts. 


Why participate in the Coaching Foundations program?

In addition to developing participants’ abilities to use coaching conversations and provide effective feedback, effective instructional coaching leads to:

Improved learning-centered instruction

stronger collaboration with teachers

cultures of powerful learning

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