Program Overview

Constructive Learning Design’s theory of action states: If we design and deliver powerful learning experiences for educators, they will design and deliver powerful learning experiences for students.

This approach is at the core of a new Coaching Foundations program that will equip Curriculum and Instructional Management Coordinators (CIMCs) with the foundational instructional coaching skills to partner with Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers to improve teaching and learning.

The program is a partnership between the CTE department of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and Constructive Learning Design.

Why participate in the Coaching Foundations program?

New CIMCs seeking their initial license will automatically be enrolled in the Coaching Foundations program, however, veteran CIMCs are also encouraged to take part in the Coaching Foundations program. Through participation in the Coaching Foundations program, CIMCs will develop their instructional coaching skills, leading to:

Improved learning-centered instruction

stronger collaboration with teachers

cultures of powerful learning

What will participants learn?

The program will consist of four face-to-face professional learning sessions, and two webinars. Participants will also be connected through an online community of practice. The program is shaped around two of the foundational skills of instructional coaching: using coaching conversations and providing evidence-based feedback.


Fall Semester: Using coaching conversations to improve teaching and learning

Face-to-Face Sessions:

September 17 and 18 in Cary

Webinar: Novermber 9

Spring Semester: Providing evidence-based feedback to improve teaching and learning

Face-to-Face Sessions:

January 28 and 29 in Cary

Webinar: March 8

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