CoachWeek 2021

March 22-26, 2021


Instructional coaches, leaders in education, and teachers interested in coaching are invited to learn, grow, and connect with others.

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CoachWeek 2021 will be a week of online events, with keynote speakers, interactive workshops, “coffee” and connections, coaching dilemmas, and plenty of success stories.

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There will be two events daily (morning and afternoon):

  • Monday – Opening Keynote and Workshop
  • Tuesday – Coffee Connections and Socratic Seminar discussion on a Coaching Impact Tool
  • Wednesday – Creating Conditions for Coaching Success and Coaching Success Stories
  • Thursday – Coaching Design Challenge and Coaching Dilemmas
  • Friday – Coach and Administrator partnerships and Closing Keynote

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Meet the Keynote Speakers

Kenny McKee will be presenting alongside Kathy Perret in a keynote titled “Thriving Through Disruption.”

This keynote will guide participants into discovering the roots of disruption in their work and explore why we often unknowingly make choices that intensify difficult circumstances. Rather than continuing the cycle, we can develop productive routines and healthier responses. Participants will investigate ideas for thriving through uncertainty for themselves and how they can coach others.


The keynote presentation from Dr. Deborah Jones is titled “Instruction Leadership: Principals and Instructional Coaching Working Together to Improve Teacher and Student Performance.”

Instructional leadership is vital in improving student achievement, especially in schools with many children of poverty and children of color.

The school principal sets the tone and focus for leading a comprehensive “big picture view” of a school improvement process. Principals are expected to be “instructional leaders,” but they are not the only ones in the school building. Instructional coaches are also instructional leaders, and together with the principal, they are charged with improving teacher and student performance. Principals, assistant principals, and coaches all assume a role as instructional leaders in the school improvement process. So why does a principal need an instructional coach? What does it mean to be an instructional leader, and how can principals and coaches create an environment where they improve teacher and student performance? Join me to answer these questions on March 26th at 10:00 am. Then invite your administrator to the 3:00 pm session with Katie Bolick to discuss ways to partner together and create the conditions for teacher and student success!

Kenny McKeeKenny McKee is a National Board Certified Teacher who works as a high school literacy and instructional coach for Buncombe County Schools in Asheville, NC. He supports classroom teachers and other school faculty in professional growth. He has 20 years of experience in education as a teacher and instructional coach. He also serves as a Teaching Instructor for the department of Literacy, English, and History Education at East Carolina University. In 2014, Kenny was selected as an ASCD Emerging Leader.

Kenny is a co-author, along with Kathy Perret, of the upcoming ASCD title, Coaching Through Barriers: Compassionate Strategies for Challenging Situations. He has authored articles for educational blogs for Student Achievement Partners, SmartBrief, Virtual Job Shadow, Sibme, TeachThought, and NEA. In 2020, Kenny won the Outstanding Publication Award from the Emerging Leaders ASCD chapter for his post, “Coaching Through the Covid-19 Crisis.”

Kathy PerretKathy Perret is an instructional coaching consultant and co-author of The Coach Approach to School Leadership (ASCD 2017). As the founder of Kathy Perret Consulting, she empowers school leaders, instructional coaches, and classroom teachers in their professional growth. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Kathy hosts onsite and virtual professional learning for educators across the world. Educators directly impact student growth and performance, and Kathy is dedicated to improving experiences and outcomes for both adults and kids. She believes everyone deserves a coach – and that includes teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders!

Deborah E. JonesDr. Deborah E. Jones, fondly known as “DJ”, established ELC in 2006. DJ retired as principal from the Guilford County School System in Greensboro, NC. She founded ELC on the belief that relationships, education, and leadership are critical factors that determine the success of any organization, its people, and the quality of services it provides. DJ served as a trained turnaround school team leader for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for three years. DJ conducts workshops, provides consulting and coaching services to principals and teachers, and speaks to student and parent groups. DJ demonstrates a strong passion and commitment to school improvement, educating minority children and children of poverty.

Interactive Workshops


Building the Optimal Coach/Principal Relationship

Invite your principal or an AP to join you in this session as you consider the alignment between your own coaching beliefs and the principal’s beliefs concerning coaching responsibilities, goals and expectations. Coaches, and principals if available, will determine next steps in building an optimal working relationship that will lead to sustained teacher improvement and student growth. |  LEARN MORE (VIDEO)



Design Challenge

Coaching teachers who are implementing Project-Based Learning can be challenging. In this session, you’ll design your own PBL project and engage in coaching conversations with the other participants to improve on your project design. We’ll talk about the most common difficulties teachers have with designing and implementing successful PBL projects, and how you can use your coaching skills to support them.  | LEARN MORE (VIDEO)


Socratic Seminar

Zoom calls and remote learning don’t have to spell the end of discussion in the classroom and in professional development. In this session, we’ll see how to facilitate a remote Socratic Seminar while exploring texts about measuring your impact as a coach.  | LEARN MORE (VIDEO)


Creating the Conditions for Coaching Success

For coaching to be successful, we need the most optimal conditions in our buildings. What are those conditions? In this session we will experience three powerful aspects of a thriving environment where coaches, teachers and students can grow, learn, and flourish.  |  LEARN MORE (VIDEO)


Coffee Connections & Networking

This will be an informal “speed dating” style networking session where you’ll get to meet as many of the other CoachWeek participants as time allows. Come ready to give a 15-second “introduce yourself” speech, and leave with a bunch of new coaching contacts. Introverts welcome!  |  LEARN MORE (VIDEO)


Dilemma Discussion

During our dilemma discussions, coaches will explore common coaching dilemmas, such as working with reluctant teachers and virtual coaching. Utilizing our collective expertise, we will brainstorm solutions and share methods that have worked for others. Whether you’re experiencing a dilemma or have an idea for a solution, please join us as we help each other grow.


Coaching Success Stories

In this session we will hear from coaches who have success stories to share. We can all learn from each other and take away tidbits that will help us to grow on our coaching journey. Be ready to share your own success stories too as we invite the audience to get involved and share what has worked for you!  |  LEARN MORE (VIDEO)


Coaching through School Culture Challenges

When coaches enter schools in need of substantial cultural change, they can use their role to accelerate that change. We’ll share and discuss specific strategies for building collective efficacy, celebrating progress, identifying and supporting potential teacher leaders, and implementing public teaching structures.


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