From Our Partners:

I believe that by working with CLD (Mia, Jay, and Lance) we received a personalized, differentiated model for what works best for our school culture related to our school’s goals. Additionally, the coaches at CLD make sure they are “thought-partners” in this process. As school leaders we are really getting what we need in order to strengthen and build support for our teachers, but also for our leadership team!
Diann Weston

Principal, Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences

Constructive Learning Design provides a thoughtful, creative, and customized approach based on the school’s own school improvement goals.  I appreciate CLD’s emphasis on process as well as outcomes.  Jay is skillful in engaging us in purposeful dialogue to uncover the most significant needs as well as the most impactful solutions.
Dr. Donna Lanahan

Principal, Buncombe County Early College

I’ve only been working with Katie for a short time, but she constantly reminds me not to be afraid. “Don’t be afraid of letting go. Don’t be afraid of silence. Don’t be afraid to let your students make mistakes. Don’t be afraid if an activity doesn’t work.” Sometimes I’m still scared, but she’s helped me break out of my shell…It’s ok to let go of certain things so that I can help my students become more independent learners.
Hope McClure

English and Technology Teacher, Allegheny County Schools