Constructive Learning Design’s New Teacher Lead-In program is a customizable, one to three year powerful learning program, designed to give new teachers the professional learning, coaching, and collegial collaboration they need to begin their teaching careers. The New Teacher Lead-In program develops teachers’ abilities to plan, deliver, and assess powerful learning experiences while laying a foundation for future growth. The high quality content is delivered by our team of instructional coaches and learning designers through face-to-face and virtual professional learning, peer-to-peer collaboration, and individual instructional coaching in the classroom. 

Why New Teacher Lead-In?

New teachers enter the profession from different places. Some have gone through a rigorous teacher preparation program, and others are career switchers with little formal preparation. Regardless of their backgrounds, new teachers need continuous, job-embedded professional learning to get them acclimated to life in the classroom, and to prepare them to thrive. New Teacher Lead-In was designed to prepare new teachers to succeed in both the short-term and long-term.


How Will New Teachers Learn?

The New Teacher Lead-In program utilizes Constructive Learning Design’s 3-D Model of Learning Design to engage new teachers in a process of continuous learning and improvement from the very beginning of their careers. Our face-to-face and virtual professional learning sessions give teachers the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to plan, deliver, and assess student learning. New teachers learn collaboratively with one another throughout the program, and develop their professional network. During sessions with our instructional coaches, new teachers receive coaching in their classrooms to develop teaching skills through effective feedback, co-planning and co-teaching lessons, and analyzing evidence of learning.

What Will New Teachers Learn?

New teachers will learn foundational elements of planning, delivering instruction, and assessing student learning. New teachers will also learn how to utilize formative assessments, data, and other evidences of learning to understand what students have learned, and what they need to learn next. They will learn to use feedback, classroom discussion, student collaboration, and questioning to design powerful learning experiences for every student. Through our program, new teachers will also learn how to be effective, professional collaborators and leaders in order to continuously improve instruction and maintain a high level learning environment for all students. 

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