Team Coaching



In order for teachers to do their best work, they need time, space, and tools to learn with one another. Constructive Learning Design partners with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), departments, and other teams of educators to build their capacity to improve teaching and learning through purposeful collaboration with peers. Participants will develop their abilities to teach, learn, collaborate, and lead.


Collaborative Design

Our coaches work with teams to align our approach to existing priorities. We begin our work by listening to the needs of our partners, and setting goals for students, teachers, coaches, and administrators. We utilize our 3-D Framework of Learning Design to organize a teams’ learning around cycles of continuous learning and improvement. 


What Will Participants Learn?

In our Team Coaching program, participants will work through cycles of learning that include setting student and teacher learning goals, collaboratively planning lessons, tuning lessons, visiting classrooms to collect evidence of learning, and analyzing student work and data. Through working through these cycles, participants will develop their skills in brainstorming, questioning, listening, giving and receiving feedback, and reflection.   

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