The end of the school year is nearly here! The coronavirus has changed much about teaching and learning, but we have online learning tools and projects that are beautifully useful straight out of the gate.

A Project Challenge You Can Use Right Now

We want to help you make the most of the time you have left with your students. So, we are putting out mini-challenges for you to share with your students.

In a Zoom call with some high school students last week, we asked them what they think they need to learn in order to be better prepared for handling the pandemic. Several students agreed that they feel like they don’t have the financial knowledge to plan a good budget for dealing with this current crisis. In today’s mini-challenge, students will have the opportunity to work with a partner to design a solution for living on a smaller budget. Share your students’ ideas with us…seriously…we could all use some advice, right now!

This challenge is for students to design a solution for living on a smaller budget.

After you click the Begin Now button below, you’ll see our mini-challenge PDF. You can print it, download it, or open it in Google Docs. Then you’ll be off and running!

Make a copy of the Challenge Manager

Want to be featured on our site? We’d love to hear about the challenges you pose to your students; email or tweet us @ConstructiveLD. We’ll share the best ones right here!

Want another good project you can use for teaching and learning?

Our last challenge was for students to design a home learning space. Learning and education are changing quickly, and we’ve been wondering about the best ways YOU might like to learn and teach at home.

You can either use another copy of the document linked to the big green “Begin Now” button above to do the “design a home learning space” challenge, or click over to our last post and find out more about the Home Learning mini-challenge.

Survey Your Students About Their Experience

If you’re interested in surveying your students about their education, feel free to modify and use this Google Form as a starting point. Click over to the link, then click the “make a copy” button.

Copy and use this Online Student Survey

Let us hear from you!

The pandemic has put us in a unique position to be rethinking everything we know about education, and to include everyone in that conversation. So, we want to hear from you. What are you scrapping? What are you keeping? What is essential?

Email us, message us on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a comment below.