The Team Tiger Story

A dad and his son launch their challenge

Constructive Learning Design created the Flatten the Curve Student Challenge to be a creative problem solving experience for students of all ages – something fun that kids and teenagers can do to stay connected to their communities while keeping their physical distance. We also want it to be user friendly, not only for students, but for parents and teachers. To that end, we are going to track a couple of teams as they engage in the challenge, and share their stories with you. First up—Constructive Learning Design’s co-founder Jay Korreck and his son, Otis!

“When my colleagues and I were designing the challenge we started by thinking about ways to continue supporting the teachers and instructional coaches we work with, but I also had my son in mind. He likes to start the day off (before I’ve even smelled coffee) with questions like: Dad, do you want to brainstorm inventions? Dad, how would we actually create something that reshapes the fabric of reality? (We’ve been watch a lot of Marvel movies lately, including Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.) Dad, do you want to create a new sport with me?” —Jay Korreck

Jay and Otis’s initial team name ideas included: Team Captive Audience, Team Guinea Pig, and Team Low Hanging Fruit (early logo drafts below). But Otis liked Team Tiger.

So if you are a teacher or parent (or both!) with curious kids, check back here for updates from Team Tiger, and find out how Jay and Otis navigate the Flatten the Curve Student Challenge.